Scan, Recycle & Win

A mindset change.
The time is now.
It starts with you.
Become a Simbl of hope.

How it Works

For recyclers everywhere

1. Download: Download the Simbl app

2. Activate: You are prompted to print unique QR codes for your recycling bins

3. Scan: Hit PLAY, scan a product barcode or QR code, then scan the recycling bin QR Code

4. Recycle: Recycle your product

5. Win: Win based on:

  • Products from companies not registered with Simbl: Win a small SimBux recycling reward from the in game recycling reward pool.
  • Products from companies registered with Simbl: WIn a larger SimBux recycling reward funded by the company that made the product.

6. Choose: Choose what to do with your recycling reward:

  • Donate: Donate your rewards to an environmental association and receive Envros (gems) for further gameplay.
  • Save: Keep recycling and adding SimBux to your app.
  • Play: Use your SimBux or Enviros in the app to enjoy the gameplay – upgrade your avatars, create recycling challenges with your friends or other Simbl recyclers. Validate others’ recycling efforts to ensure that the unit of waste is correct.
  • Withdraw: Withdraw your SimBux from the Simbl app to an external exchange or wallet.

Scan, Recycle & Win. Let's go!