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Making recycling inspiring, rewarding and sustainable for all in the world.

For You

Play and Recycle ♻️

Everyone Gets Rewarded

It’s no longer about paying it forward. It’s about getting immediately paid for every recycling act. Recycling, as the world knows it, will never ever be the same again. Start playing today.

*Android Version is coming soon.

Mother Earth Will thank You

Users earn rewards for recycling your products. Your customers will recycle your products right, every time, more often. Environmental organisations receive donations from shoppers that you enable. Enjoy long-term savings, ESG data and build trust with consumers. Connect with your customers at the bin today.

For Companies

For Schools and Offices

Changing the Status Quo

Simbl introduces, not an evolution, but a revolution in recycling. Finally an innovative recycling programme to help the environment hundreds of times a day for students and offices. Our collective action will determine the fate of our planet. What we do will either reward or punish us. Lets educate with action.

Round and Round We Go

Recycling is not a one shot deal. It’s a continuous effort from consumers and companies. Simbl innovates recycling with the circular economy – to eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials and regenerate nature.

Finally a Simbl for change by making recycling rewarding for all !



Simbl is a new digital platform and app to incentivise recycling on a global scale. Simbl tackles the challenge of incentivising people to make good recycling decisions head-on by connecting producers with shoppers through patented frontier technologies to spin the recycling flywheel, powered by economic and gamified incentives.

Everyone wins!

The time is now. It starts with you. Download here. No looking back.

Simbl simplified recycling by making it rewarding


“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”

By simplifying recycling to an attractive, engaging, sustainable, global circular economy, Simbl has made itself a true Simbl for Change.