About Us

Simbl aims to make recycling a voluntary action for both consumers and companies.

To ‘want’ to do it as opposed to the ‘need’ to do it.

Fostered, not forced. Shared, not separated.

Simbl knows that to get consumers and companies to start and continue recycling, the decision to do so will have to come from them.

For consumers and companies to take that first step — that crucial first trial that will start a chain reaction… this is what Simbl is providing.

The Simbl Ethos

Simbl is realistic in recognising human attitude and behaviour towards recycling. Simbl believes that everyone should benefit or no one at all. Simbl presents a reward mechanism that is ground-breaking — digital, immediate and fulfilling practically, emotionally and financially.

Our Team is here for the future

Andina Setyowati
Social Interactions

Gregory Lussiana
Wizard of Gamification

Leigh Ashlin
Chief Recycling Officer Founder

Justin Absalom
Sustainable Relationships


The world is in a frightening mess. Plastic bottles with other recycling and waste materials in waterways, oceans and simply just strewn along the streets. Is it possible to put a stop to this? Can we reverse the damage? What will it take? When do we start? Where do we begin? How can we stand out amongst the plethora of recycling programmes around the world?

So many messages, most of them ignored.  People have been confused as well as deaf and blind to the endless barrage of recycling campaigns.  Is it because they don’t care? Or is it because there’s nothing in it for them? Perhaps with something in it for consumers, they might start to care.  And when consumers start caring, companies might start to care too.