We'll digitise recycling, and connect your brand's sustainability to consumers

A mindset change.
The time is now.
It starts with you.
Become a Simbl of hope.

Is sustainability and recycling complex, difficult, troublesome, not rewarding, not worth the time nor the effort?
Do you have a personal mission to fix what is broken, and are tied up in triple bottom line red tape?
Stuck with qualitative sustainability data that isn’t that convincing?
Is connecting sustainability efforts hard, because your products don’t communicate with consumers?
Do you know if your products are being recycled?

How it Works

1. Download: Download the Simbl Company app

2. Subscribe: Choose your subscription level. Multiple subscription levels for services including product avatar upgrades and verification, and printing of unique QR codes for your products to reward your consumers for recycling

3. Generate and print: Generate and print QR codes for your products and send to your label makers for manufacturing

4. Play and Activate: Once labels have been placed on your products, activate your new QR recycling codes by pre-funding recycling rewards for your consumers

5. Data: You will receive live quantitative recycling/ sustainability data as and when your consumers recycle your products (as and when recycling rewards are paid to your consumers).

6. Feedback loop: You can return to step 3 with deeper data about your consumers recycling actions.

It’s Quick and Easy.
Your customers love it.
Connect with them now.